NWDRA Classic

2016 NWDRA Classic King of the Hill Jerry Weber, Sportsman

2016 NWDRA Classic King of the Hill
Jerry Weber, Sportsman

Congratulations to 2016 NWDRA Classic King of The Hill:
Jerry Weber! 


Super Pro: Dennis Weddle
Pro: Steve Stuart
Sportsman: Jerry Weber
Bike/Sled: Don DePeel

The 40th NWDRA Classic/Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #2 produced some super close racing in all four categories on Sunday, April 10th. There was one individual that had an absolutely dominating day; Jerry Weber not only won the A-1 Trans and Converters Package for the Points, Best overall Package in Eliminations, Winner in Sportsman Eliminator, and took the overall win in King of the Hill (Winners & Runner-up in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Motorcycle). In Super Pro, Dennis Weddle made a car change in 2015 and it has proven to be a great move as he continues to go rounds with his new ride. In Pro, Steve Stuart started the day off with a Transmission that wasn’t acting as it should and by time trials ended he was ready to dominate in Eliminations. In Sportsman, Jerry Weber showed up just in time to make the third and final time trial which also happens to be the Package for the Points and recorded a .024 winning package. And from then on it was nothing but win lights for Weber. Don DePeel took the first Sunoco Race Fuels Motorcycle win of the 2016 season as Buffy Taylor had to settle for Runner-up honors. Stephanie Biscay had the misfortune of losing in round one of Sportsman but was able to hold off the hard charging Roadster of Nick Shepherd. In the King of the Hill class, Jerry Weber used a stellar reaction time to stay undefeated for the day. In Weber’s 30+ years of racing this just may be his most successful day of racing while running the table. A big thank you goes out to all the NWDRA members, Sponsors, and success of the NWDRA Hi-Performance Swap Meet which is scheduled for Sunday, January 29th, 2017 at the Clark County Fairgrounds and Event Center north of Vancouver, Washington on Interstate 5.

Listed are the Winner’s in the A-1 Package for the Points. SUPER PRO – Steve Laskowske (Lucas Oil) .013 package, PRO – Alan Snyder (Abby’s Pizza) .018 package, SPORTSMAN – Jerry Weber .024 package, MOTORCYCLE – Don DePeel .036 package.

Winner: Dennis Weddle, ’67 Nova, .005 RT, 9.10 Dial-in, 9.118 ET, 147.29 MPH
Runner-up: Mike Nicholson, ’01 Undercover, .018 RT, 8.52 Dial-in, 8.510 ET, 155.06 MPH

Winner: Steve Stuart, ’66 Chevelle, .025 RT, 9.06 Dial-in, 9.029 ET, 145.27 MPH
Runner-up: David Flett, ’67 Mustang, -.012 Foul RT, 11.00 Dial-in, 11.234 ET, 119.52 MPH

Winner: Jerry Weber, ‘82 Chevy, .001 RT, 14.67 Dial-in, 14.693 ET, 92.03 MPH
Runner-up: Dan Stokes, ’64 Polara, .043 RT, 12.02 Dial-in, 12.066 ET, 105.55 MPH

Winner: Don DePeel, ’74 Kawasaki, .015 RT, 8.42 Dial-in, 8.480 ET, 138.22 MPH
Runner-up: Buffy Taylor, ’99 Suzuki, .080 RT, 9.29 Dial-in, 9.432 ET, 139.12 MPH

Winner: Stephanie Biscay, ’65 Falcon, .092 RT, 12.25 Dial-in, 12.265 ET, 106.15 MPH
Runner-up: Nicholas Shepherd, ’38 Chevy, .063 RT, 9.00 Dial-in, 8.989 ET, 137.06 MPH

Winner: Jerry Weber, ’82 Chevy, .005 RT, 14.63 Dial-in, 14.716 ET, 92.29 MPH
Runner-up: David Flett, ’67 Mustang, .109 RT, 11.00 Dial-in, 10.997 ET, 120.06 MPH